Bonafide Red Wines

Cabernet Franc Rose’

Lighter in color, flavor and body than our other reds (because the grape skins are only allowed to marinate with the young wine juice for a very short period), this semi-sweet wine features notes of plum and black licorice. The tannin is soft and gentle, and the finish is smooth.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Made by our partner in California, a deep red hue and hints of black currant define this wine. Oaky and vanilla flavors are also present, thanks to the oak barrels the wine is aged in. You’ll appreciate this wine most when beef, lamb or goose accompanies it, especially when these dishes are cooked with herbs. It also is a great match for Brie, cheddar cheese and chocolate.


Peninsula Red

A blended wine that takes the best red features and magnifies those details to produce a unique and savory crimson liquid.