Northern United Brewing Co.
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Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales was founded in 2004 by brewmaster Ron Jeffries. Located in Dexter, Michigan, Jolly Pumpkin was the country’s first all sour oak aged brewery. Jolly Pumpkin now has multiple restaurant locations across Michigan and Chicago.

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The heart and roots of North Peak Brewing Company will always be in Northern Michigan. North Peak’s Traverse City origin and the Up North culture are the focus behind our brand. We embrace the lifestyle of slowing down and focusing on the beauty of this magical place we call ‘home’.  Each sip of our beer transports you to the wonders of Northern Michigan. The North Peak mantra is “Get Outside”, because in Northern Michigan there is so much life to live outdoors. Whether it be biking, fishing, ice hockey, hiking or hunting, North Peak embodies the Up North way of life.